David Becwar

Matt Warren
Vice President

Matthew Burton

Michael Daniels


Brandi Curry
Probation Director

Kirk Campbell
Non-Probation Director at Large

Matt Owens
Director at Large

Vanessa Vaden
Director at Large

Anthony Paonessa
Director at Large


In 1997, managers from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Coroner made a decision to form the Law Enforcement Managers’ Association (LEMA). By all accounts, this was not an easy endeavor at the time. However, through prodigious resolution and responsible leadership, management employees were able to persevere in the formation of this organization.

The organization was founded to ensure the County of Sacramento would strive to promote qualified and experienced managers who all work for the common to goal to make our county a better place. The elected representatives of this organization endeavor to seek fair and equitable improvements for the members which in turn, create an affluent atmosphere to entice proper succession. This atmosphere alleviates our members from prematurely departing for advancement with other law enforcement entities in the surrounding area. The goal is quite simply to maintain the utmost qualified individuals to lead our local law enforcement agencies into the future.

Are you a manager from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Department of Human Assistance or the Public Defender’s Office?