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A Letter From LEMA's President

Congratulations on your recent promotion,

LEMA looks forward to representing you in the years to come. After signing up to gain access to the Law Enforcement Managers’ Association website, you will receive your membership paperwork via email or mail. Please complete your membership paperwork and forward it to our Treasurer, Leeannedra Marchese, at County Mail Code 52-001 or mail it to:

RE: Membership
PO Box 1617
Sacramento, CA 95812

For those new members who are promoting out of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (SCDSA), please note you may have a decision to make rather soon. If you currently are signed up with the California Law Enforcement Association to receive long term disability insurance you will need to make a choice between one of the following two items:

  • Continue an Associated Membership with SCDSA @ $32.21 /a month + $24.50 CLEA premium and the SCDSA will continue to pay your insurance for you, or
  • Call CLEA and advise them you wish to continue your insurance and have it deducted from your personal checking account ($24.50), and then drop your SCDSA Membership.

Most importantly if anyone should have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the LEMA Board Members and we will be happy to answer your questions or listen to your concerns.


Todd Thiessen
LEMA President

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