Every year hundreds of law enforcement professionals are killed by senseless acts of violence and accidents while protecting their communities and serving the citizens of this nation. These professionals face the unforeseen day to day challenges head on while forfeiting time with their families and loved ones, all for a life of calling.

LEMA would like to recognize while they have paid the ultimate sacrifice, we must not forget the ones they left behind.  Their families will never be the same again, nor will their partners who also feel the hollow space left after the sudden unexpected loss of these heroes.

We would like to encourage the visitors to our page to review our local heroes who stood tall in the face of adversity and gave their life to make the Sacramento area a better place to live. They will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts forever.

Please consider donating to one or more of the listed charitable organizations, so everyone has a place to pay their respects for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

End of Watch

Help us honor their memory by clicking on their names and reading the stories of their heroism.
They will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts forever.

Police Officer Ty Lenehan
January 21, 2022

Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson
January 18, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Mark Stasyuk
September 17, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Robert French
August 30, 2017

Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver
October 24, 2014

Police Officer Kevin Tonn
January 15, 2013

Deputy Sheriff Lawrence A. Canfield
November 12, 2008

Deputy Sheriff Paul William DeRouen
March 29, 2008

Deputy Sheriff Vu Nguyen
December 19, 2007

Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey Mitchell
October 27, 2006

Deputy Sheriff Kevin B. Blount
July 13, 2005

Deputy Sheriff Joseph M. Kievernagel
July 13, 2005

Police Officer William Bean, Jr.
February 9, 1999

Deputy Sheriff Sandy Larson
December 8, 1998

Police Officer Emily Morgenroth
October 17, 1997/

Police Officer Eugene McKnight
July 23rd, 1963

Police Officer Arnold Gamble
February 15th, 1963

Deputy Sheriff Roger Bauman
December 12th, 1961

Deputy Sheriff William Littlejohn
June 3rd, 1955

Police Officer Francis Rea
January 3rd, 1954

Police Officer Frank Mello
June 30th, 1951

Captain Charles Joseph Ogle
March 12th, 1951

Police Officer Erskin Fish
August 11th, 1935

Sheriff Joseph McKinney
August 14, 1850

Police Officer Joseph Scott
December 7th, 1878