Law Enforcement Managers Association

A labor organization comprised exclusively of public safety leaders.

We are committed to providing the highest level of public safety service by drawing in the best law enforcement professionals through fair wages, benefits, working conditions, and retirement.

Our members are managers from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Department of Human Assistance and the Public Defender’s Office.

LEMA members provide the following critical management oversight and administrative functions towards the safety of our citizens:

  • 911, Non-emergency and Critical Incident Response
  • Field Investigative services from the Sheriff’s, Probation, Department of Human Assistance and District Attorney’s Office
  • Adult and Juvenile Custody and Security Services from the Sheriff’s and Probation Departments
  • Prosecution and Defense support to the District Attorneys and Public Defenders Office
  • Probation Field Enforcement and Sentencing recommendations from the Probation Department
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