The Department of Human Assistance (DHA) is Sacramento County’s welfare agency and is responsible for administering federal and state cash aid (CalWORKs) and supplemental nutrition assistance programs (CalFresh or Food Stamps). DHA also administers local assistance programs, such as General Assistance, Homeless Programs, Senior Nutrition, and veteran’s programs.

One of the divisions within DHA is the Investigations Division. The Investigations Division serves as the internal “Police Department” for the agency, and is staffed with sworn peace officers, non-sworn Investigative Assistants, and various other support staff. The Investigations Division is primarily responsible for investigating welfare fraud allegations, internal frauds and embezzlements, and crimes against DHA property or employees. This includes:

  • Investigating fraud complaints received from the public, DHA eligibility workers, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Developing, monitoring, and responding to automated computer programs designed to detect and prevent fraud
  • Visiting the aid recipient’s home to verify program compliance
  • Ensuring the integrity of the various assistance programs by monitoring employee activity
  • Working in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies to provide support for their investigations that might involve welfare recipients, DHA programs, or employees

LEMA has six members within the Department of Human Assistance Investigations Division. The LEMA members include one Assistant Chief Criminal Investigator and five Supervising Criminal Investigators (Lieutenants). The LEMA members are responsible for supervising investigative staff involved in welfare fraud investigations.

If you suspect someone of committing welfare fraud, you can anonymously report your suspicions to the DHA Investigations Division at (916) 875-8908 or by email at

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