The Sacramento County District Attorney is Anne Marie Schubert. The District Attorney’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of public protection in both the courtroom, as well as in the communities of Sacramento County. The primary function of the District Attorney is to represent the state, county, and municipalities in criminal proceedings against alleged violators of state and/or municipal penal laws. The office prosecutes cases that originate from nearly 40 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The office is very proud of the strong and positive working relationship it has with all of its regional law enforcement partners.

The District Attorney’s Office is comprised of several Bureaus and or Units. One of the largest Bureaus within the District Attorney’s Office is the Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau of Investigation is represented by nearly 80 members including criminal investigators, investigative assistants, process servers, clerical staff, and investigative interns. The Bureau provides investigative support for the prosecution and litigation of criminal and/or civil cases.

The Bureau of Investigation has a number of specialty investigative units such as: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Gangs, Child Abduction, Environmental Protection, Narcotics, Fraud, Family Crimes, Prison Crimes, and Felony Investigations (robbery, assault, and burglary). Each investigative unit is supervised by a Lieutenant. Each Lieutenant is also responsible for law enforcement managerial functions such as formulating recommended policies and procedures, as well as supervising supervisors of other classifications (clerical, etc.). Current and previous incumbents in the Lieutenant rank describe the position as a “Dream Assignment” mainly because it is a hybrid; where one has the luxury of working directly with line staff as well as with agency managers. LEMA has five members within the District Attorney’s Office. These members are all at the rank of Lieutenant.


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