The Office of the Public Defender provides quality legal representation and/or advice to any individual financially unable to employ counsel in adult criminal, juvenile delinquency, mental conservatorship, appropriate family law, and probate cases. The office serves as a guardian of due process, a champion of constitutional rights, a sentinel who keeps power of the state over the individual in check, a protector of life and liberty, and an advocate for the poor.

LEMA has two members (Supervising Criminal Investigators) within the Office of the Public Defender. The Supervising Criminal Investigators are responsible for the supervision of a criminal investigation unit and the coordination of assigned activities with other units and agencies. The Supervising Criminal Investigator may also personally conduct the most sensitive and complex investigations assigned to the unit and have administrative responsibilities such as those of a training manager or for formulating recommended policies and procedures. Supervising Criminal Investigators may also supervise other, out-of-series first line supervisors.

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